ART IN THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY: BEIJING | Documentary | 55 mins | 2020

A city with a history of more than two thousand years, Beijing has recently become the center of shifting politics, rapid urbanization, and an economic boom, making it fertile ground for art and artists.

Directors: Bryan Chang and Vicky Du
Producer: Vicky Du
Cinematographer: Bryan Chang
Editor: Bryan Chang
Featuring: Xu Bing, Song Dong, Yin Xiuzhen, Guan Xiao and Liu Xiaodong



RACHEL ROSSIN’S DIGITAL HOMES | Documentary | 7 mins | 2021

Rachel Rossin explores the tension of simultaneously operating in digital and physical spaces.

Directors: Danielle Brock and Vicky Du
Producer: Vicky Du
Cinematographer: Jia Li
Editor: Winnie Cheung
Featuring: Rachel Rossin



JORDAN CASTEEL STAYS IN THE MOMENT | Documentary | 7 mins | 2017

How does an artist connect with her subjects in the solitude of her studio?

Director, Producer: Vicky Du
Editor: Bryan Chang
Cinematographers: Jeffrey Sterrenberg, Eric Phillips-Horst, Mariam Dwedar
Music Supervisor: Abhita Austin
Featuring: Jordan Casteel, Louie, Quentin, Zen